Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Alliance Biz International’s mission is to connect international economic players with the numerous business opportunities of the VIETNAM market.
Expanding into Vietnam for an already-established foreign business is straightforward.
Some of the reasons why Vietnam is the best place to build your business are Strong economic growth and low business costs.
Whatever field you are interested to work in, consultants from ABI can guide you, train you and support you in achieving a profitable business venture.


Commercial eve, negotiation assistance, commercial follow-up, search for partners, opening of subsidiaries


Your representative office, point of contact of your partners administrative offices


Search for markets, your representative, your distributor, your partner

About Viet Nam

– Population approaching 100 million inhabitants, with an average age of less than 30, well educated.
– Growth rate of 6.2% in 2016. The OECD anticipates an average growth rate of 6% over the 2016-2020 period.
– Increasing commercial integration of the country on the international scene.
– The competitiveness of Vietnam, relies today mainly on its workforce and important tax incentives.
– More than 300 French companies are established.
– Significant increase in the purchasing power of the population, with the emergence of a middle class.
– Stable political system based on a dynamic and voluntary market economy.

Viet Nam Skyline

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Hoan Kiem Lake

Cultural Heritage